Welcome to the Crayta Developer Area!

This is our supporting website for Crayta. Over time we expect it to grow and grow, and also most likely start to transition to featuring more and more content from the community – that’s our hope at least!

  • Tutorials: While Crayta aims to be highly accessible to everyone who wants to make games, there is still a learning curve if you want to build complex games. In the tutorials area we cover:
    • How to make sophisticated games using just a controller
    • How to design great levels
    • Learning to program in Crayta using Lua
    • Using packages and templates
    • Advanced scripting techniques
  • API docs: These are our auto-generated API docs
  • Forum: The forum is now up and running! At the moment we do not support Stadia login (so you won’t be posting with your Stadia names initially) – please sign in with your Google account.
  • FAQs: In this area, we’ve attempted to answer the most common questions that we’re getting asked by the community.
  • Companion Site: This is where you can manage your game’s details, upload cover images, UI elements, and see analytics on how your games are performing.
  • Feature Voting: We are using an area of our forum to collect your feedback on future features that you would like to see supported in Crayta.
  • Customer Support: Our ticketing system is to help people who have issues with Crayta that can’t be solved via the FAQs, Discord or our forum.

We hope the above all help to make Crayta an experience that everyone can get into and enjoy. If you think we’re missing something please either post it on the forum, or via our discord.

See you in-game!

The Unit 2 Games team.