Crayta Creators’ Programme

Last updated: 21st October 2022

Everything we do at Unit 2 Games is designed to put powerful creation tools into the hands of as many people as possible, regardless of age, skill or experience. But it’s not just about the tools – we’re also passionate about making sure that all our creators feel empowered and supported to achieve whatever you want to achieve on Crayta.

Below are the different ways creators are earning big cash rewards with Crayta.

Crayta Best Games & Packages Monthly Contest

Crayta Best Games & Packages Monthly Contest is a monthly competition where we award up to $50,000 in cash to the best new or updated games, experiences, and packages. This total is broken down to individual reward levels of $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 per individual each month, with no fixed number of rewards each time.

Click here for Crayta Best Games & Packages Monthly Contest information

Crayta Lift-Off

Crayta Lift-off launched in early 2022, and this is an even more substantial pot of money. The goal of this programme is to allow people to sign up for contracts that will give some of our highest level, most ambitious creators the potential to give up their day jobs and become a full-time Craytan!

We’ve been working with professional game developers to first launch Lift-Off, and as of October 2022 we are taking the next steps and expanding this programme, working with around a dozen talented teams, most of them from our existing community. This programme is currently invite-only, with more opportunities in the future.

Occasional Crayta Events

As of October 2021 we will continue to hold our regular game and build jams, but on a more predictable basis and with large amounts of money to be won for the first time.

Each month we will run one of the following:

  • Game Jams: We’ll announce the theme and deadline, and there will be $50,000 to be shared among the winning games or experiences that are created
  • Build Jams: We’ll announce the theme, and $50,000 will be split among the best creations published before the deadline, with a focus on packages and blueprints
  • Mega Jams!: Happening ~twice a year we run a much larger Creation Jam with significant 6 figures of money to be shared among the winning entries! Our last Mega Jam was $200k in prizes; discover the winners here!

How to get involved

People wishing to learn how to create content in Crayta are encouraged to join our Discord or Facebook Group. As of October 1st 2021 we will be launching large amounts of bespoke training and support resources, to enable as many people as possible to become adept at showing their digital creativity.

We believe that ANYONE can make games and experiences in Crayta, regardless of previous experience. To find out how or ask further question, come and say hello to us in our Discord here:

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